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ECSIPC first launches Comprehensive Intelligent EV Charging Solutions at London EV Show 2023

2023/11/22 Event News

Taipei, Taiwan, November 21, 2023 – ECS Industrial Computer Co., Ltd (ECSIPC) is pleased to announce its first participation at London EV Show 2023 to launch its comprehensive intelligent EV Charging Solution for home, commercial and enterprise applications, including AC Charger, DC Charger and Charging Station Management System (CSMS).

Join ECSIPC at London EV Show 2023 at booth number is #EP72 from the 28th to 30th November 2023 in London, UK.

GITEX 2023

22kW AC Chargers for Home and Businesses

ECSIPC introduces the Smart AC Chargers, Venus series and Mercury series, are full certified with international OCPP 1.6 standard not only enabling smart charging and load balancing through Energy Management System, but also ensuring reliable, interoperable, and scalable communication and management for home users and commercial charging point operators.

Mercury series AC Charger

The Venus AC Charger provides two models to satisfy for home use and various business applications, such as parking lots, commercial fleet, residential areas, hotels, shopping malls and freeway service station. The commercial Venus AC Charger is embedded with 5-inch colorful display, payment terminal for credit card and RFID identification for membership to provide users friendly and high-efficient charging experience. Venus AC Charger features multiple networking connectivity via Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45), dual-band wireless and 4G LET to upload the charging information from charger to cloud. The operators can remotely manage the charger through ECSIPC Charging Station Management System (CSMS).

Venus Series AC Charger

For most EV cars all over the world, Venus AC Charger provides 22kW European model and 12kW American model, compliant with international safety standards, such as EU IEC, US UL and Energy Star. With multiple aspects of safety and reliable design, Venus AC Charger designs the reinforced housing with ruggedized and weather-resistant material for IP55 and IK10 enclosure. This ensures that the charging station performs exceptionally well under various weather conditions and terrains. The built-in RCD module ensures users' safety from electric shocks, eliminating the need for additional Residual Current Circuit Breaker devices and saving money on the EV charger setup.

360kW Commercial Dual-output DC Charger

ECSIPC Smart DC Charger is compliant with CCS, OCPP 1.6, DIN 70121 and ISO 15118 standards for all EV cars to provide super-fast charging services, re-charging 80% power into a EV car in 15 minutes. The users can check the charging status anytime through a 7-inch touch monitor. Besides charging services, DC Charger embeds a 42-inch TV and camera to identify the users’ identification or gender. It is perfect for business operators broadcasting the commercial advertisement to different audiences to install DC Chargers at a shopping mall parking lot, freeway service station, and hotel resort.

Smart DC Charger

Intelligent Charging Station Management System (CSMS)

ECSIPC Charging Station Management System (CSMS) provides business operators a complete customized Web UI to remotely access and manage many chargers at one time. Through OCPP 1.6, the system can also manage non-ECSIPC brand chargers which were already installed in the charging station to enhance the efficiency of changing station management. This system supports smart charging function to be able to keep all chargers balanced charging in one area and process optimized charging schedule based on peak and off-peak electricity price.

CSMS can display real-time information about the current status and usage of chargers. If an error occurs at a charger, the system will immediately send a warning notification to the operator. Users can set the charging time for each charger, reset the charging schedule and automatically update the firmware through the cloud to ensure that the system is always up to date. Through CSMS, operators can expand existing cloud functions and provide diversified, comprehensive and efficient charging solutions for electric vehicles.